Theatre Costume

Theatre costume has its own criteria and it must be regarded like that. It is about the characterization of a character in the drama, and thus it can be very helpful for both actors and spectators to decode a story and situation. Stylization is here in the purest form, because the theater space is basically unclassifiable, and therefore it is possible to waive the exaggerated realism. A costume does not serve just for this one moment but somehow it embodies the reflection of a period and variability. However, of course the given perfomance is fixed to the time of its origin.

 In this category you will find some examples of my work from this direction.


2014   Plné ruce revoluce

2014   White Angel, female (Dulce Compania)

2014   Columbine (Dulce Compania)

2014   White Angel (Dulce Compania)

2014   Kapellmeister (Dulce Compania)

2013   Terminus

2010   Saturnin

2009   “Tobě a nám, Anežko Česká”