Marek Němec, Director

My perception of Jana: expeditious​​, resilient and easily able to adapt to new circumstances.  Sense of color compactness with an emphasis on the minimalist detail and the ability to constantly monitor the direction of the development production – a frequent attendance at rehearsals, empathy and capability to go along with the other components of the production and an interest in the work even after completion of the production.


Magdalena Bekeska, Make-up Artist

I met with Jane for the first time on the set of the historical film. It was exactly the sort of film in which any creative person can realize themselves. While I was in my element in the make-up corpses, Jane literally conjured with costumes. It was wonderful shooting and also very funny because Jane got me there not only as a professional, but also as a person. I enjoy her imagination and 100% enthusiasm for each project. Whether it’s filming or photography, she gives it all. We have had a breathtaking photo shoot with Jane´s own project Recyklon. She let me prepare the hair and make-up and she impressed me with her extraordinary fashion and designer creations.About her talent is not enough to talk … you have to experience it and be infected by her creativity and enthusiasm. I am looking forward to our further cooperation.


Barbora Mottlová – Actress

With Jane, I worked on several projects. She is very professional and working with her is always an ease. Its obvious that she lives for her work.  Among others, I have to appreciate that she was always willing to accept my busy schedule and work with me any hour possible.


Jiří Sádek – Director

Jana and I first met about seven years ago in the days when I was a stage designer for student films. Jana for me was an inspiring co-worker within the art division. Even for the student´s projects – ie half improvised – she carefully consulted colors and artistic designs. Therefore I adressed Jane twice while studying screenwriting and directing at the Film Academy of Miroslav Ondříčka in Písek, the first film was Mr. Late and the second Dog´s cave. Her talent of a scenario analysis and the ability to support the director´s vision with a right amount of self-reflection and courage to argue back where neccesary, makes her a unique professional. Costumes in both films goes well with the story and support the storyline without interrupting or engrossing the attention on itself. Jane is not just a fashion designer, she is more a storyteller. However, unlike many other designers, she has a great knowledge of technology of making cuts and sewing. She knows exactly how to communicate with each part of the production and what each part of the production needs. For example, her knowledge about the camera technology makes the communication with the cameraman and also the director much easier. Each film we made together has its own predefined color palette, which was co-created and respected by her costumes. Our cooperation was very succesful and I hope that Jane´s exceptional talent will be appreciated in the future.


Edina Valentová – Photographer

A gem in the artistic Prague scene, tremendously talented and innovative designer, who’s an absolute pleasure and inspiration to work with.

I met Jana when she “accidentally” landed in Ireland and the ideas started flowing instantly. This resulted in joining our visions and we created a couple of projects where we could truly enjoy the mutual love for freedom of expression.

Jana’s attention to details, combined with mixing of styles in a very bold yet flawless way offer one of a kind fashion pieces that tell stories.