Film Costume

The film costume has a great potential and moreover, it does not have such a fleeting life as the theatrical costume. Different demands are required. The film costume has its own precise specifics that should be fulfilled and it is based on a detail. The costume does not have to suit to the actor throughout the whole production of the film, but on the other hand, it is being recorded and represented in an unchanging form for many years after its creation. It is also more realistic and the stylization is making differently than the theatre one. Therefore a colour is very helpful for a costume designer because it can connect different styles and make a compact frame.

In this category you will find some examples of my work focused on film processing.  With some projects there are videos available, unfortunately with others, because of the copyright policy, there are no videos. 

2014   Nenasytná Tiffany

2014   iDentita – iDentity

2013   Honza Longborďák

2012   Psí jeskyně – Dog Cave

2011   Festival filmové hudby Olomouc

2011   Nighrwork – Kniha Knih (Mr. ČTI-WO)

2011   Lilie – Lily

2011   Kamenný příběh

2011   Pan Pozdě – Mr. Late

2011   Ponurá nedělě – Gloomy Sunday

2010   Automatic for the people

2010   Legenda o sudu – Barrel of imagination