Recyklon series 2013
















(Re)Cyclon series – The myth of the eternal returns


History repeats itself. We certainly know, that everything we do comes back and continues to use.  Recycling is the basic idea of the project becauses it involves not only raw materials  that we  lay away to collection point, but also human looping in time and space. We constantly try to remake a world, to create a new era, but i tis inevitably composed of dusty past.

Artists have tried to capture this „new age“.  It indicates the failure of humanity as we know it, and the world in which we live, flooded with technical devices that should make the work and communication easier.  Ironically, these stuff very often divide us and embarrass  the communication.

Because the technology is now absolutely essential, the mostly used components  were from computer s, left in crude  form. Graphics cards, wires and fire bullets became the basis for creating fashion, which has overgrown into photographics icons.

The main motivation was, without dictating taskmasters, to create art for artists, providing a space for announcing a message by its picturing. Each model has its own „speaking“ name based on its character (Igniteria  from  „ignite, Wireign made from „wire“ and „reign, Machinera from „machine“ and Dollame from „doll“ and „lame“) and narrative cykle. Onlooker can interpret the message at his discretion.

The creation was made by several artists, whereas the bonding person is fashion designer Jana Jurčová that deals mainly with costum designs for theatres and movies.  From her came the first idea  which was developed by further artists.  Make-up artist Magdalena Bekeská worked on both cycles, the first part was captured by artistic photographer  Edina Valentová, who resides permanently in Dublin, the second part by artistic photographer Dalibor Konopáč. Recyklon also has „its“ own two faces, the first is Linda Rakytková, the second Selma Ročková.