Jana Jurčová is a costume and fashion designer working freelance. Due to her recent graduation at Charles University – Theatre Studies Faculty of Arts, she can devote her time to new interesting projects. Therefore,  she has currently been seeking   new collaboration, either in relation to its existing production or in completely new directions.

FILMMAKING –  she began with filmmaking in the winter 2008 when she worked with students of film school FAMO in Písek. There she has acquired, even thanks to the leadership of film artist Jaroslava Pecharová, the foundation for her later work. Apart from films from stylized present, she devoted most of her time to period films, and thus the period costumes from different eras (Stone Story – baroque, Legend of the Barrel – Art Nouveau , Days of Film Music in Olomouc – 30s , etc.). All the experience she got from these projects helped her for example with the movie version of Erben’s poem Lilies in which a combination of different period costumes was used. Her work in modern genres is reflected in a music video The Book of Books for a Czech band Nightwork that is based on the comic base with their typical parodic exaggeration. Today the author also devotes her time to short art films, advertising, music videos, etc.

THE THEATRE PRODUCTION –  Jana Jurčová started her theather production career with some amateur and student theatre performances.  Yet, more profoundly with J.A. Pitín with the preparation of musically dramatic evening. ” You and Us, Czech Anežka” in the cathedral in Petrov (Brno). Together with Jaroslava Pecharová she prepared a performance of Saturnin in the theatre ABC and the last large project was a production of Terminus in the theater in Celetná.

She also worked on theatre projects and theater costumes during her studies at Charles University – Theatre Studies Faculty of Arts, when she tried to find the expression shift of a costume and its expressive power. She finished her studies in the spring 2013 with her bachelor thesis “A Theatre Costume as a Message”. This thesis deals with visual and informative possibilities of a costume. It represents the way a custome provides information about a character to a spectator, especially about her or his nature and a position within dramatic relationships.

For this purpose, the thesis describes in three main parts the three basic possibilities of visual expression of a theatrical costume, more precisely the shape, colour and material. It uses three current productions which are still taking place. At the moment it’s being considered its publication.

FASHION – She completed fashion design studies and worked as a fashion designer  within the college at the College School of Fashion Design (2009). But she had already had the experience in the design and a processing of historical costumes and dance (modern, hip hop, R’n’B, etc. – groups such as TS ZKRAT, IF junior) because of her two-year study of tailoring. After a long pause she has decided to return to a fashion world. Thanks to her costume focus she has won overlap compared to convetional fashion, although, of course she is still engaged in a costum-made production. She is currently expanding her portfolio of art-house projects with deeper thought. She is trying to express nowadays issues and create almost talking pictures.